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How To Care For Cashmere

Cashmere clothing is beautiful, luxurious and highly sought after. Often, a cashmere jumper is the item people reach for when the weather gets cold and they are in search of stylish comfort.

This guide explains more about the fabric and the best ways to care for it.

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How To Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh In Your Wardrobe & Drawers

Clothes hanging in an open wardrobe

We all have those garments that rarely leave the wardrobe and drawers. We love them dearly, but they are not worn nearly as often as we would like. The biggest problem with this is that when they are called for, these garments have a tendency to smell musty and damp. Even if the rest of your wardrobe does not. 

Luckily, there are a few easy techniques to stop your clothes from smelling damp when they are hung in your wardrobe or folded in the drawers for a long time. 

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How To Stop Your Clothes From Bobbling & Pilling

Stop clothes from bobbling

Few things are more soul-destroying than finding your favourite jumper covered in bobbles. Those tiny balls of knotted fabric can ruin the whole look of a garment. Particularly frustrating if you are trying to be environmentally minded and keep your clothes for longer.

This guide takes you through what causes bobbles and linting, how to prevent it and how to remove bobbles that have already formed.

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How To Clean With Vinegar

I love cleaning with vinegar because it’s a fantastic guilt-free natural cleaner: you can pour it down the loo without worrying about polluting our waterways and its non-toxic formula makes it a great choice for my family home.

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How To Clean Silk

Silk has got to be the ultimate luxurious fabric - and if you’ve ever had a pair of silk pyjamas or a silk robe you’ll know the sheer joy that can be found in wearing it. I’ve always had a thing for silk scarves too, they just bring a little extra to your outfit and always make me feel that bit more put together. There are also some really lovely silk lingerie pieces on the market too.

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How To Wash A Down Pillow

Down pillow

I treated myself and my husband to some down pillows a good few years ago now, and I’m pleased to say that they’re still in great condition. They’re a great investment and really are so comfy and luxurious.  With proper care and maintenance they can last a good twenty years or so. With my tips and tricks, you can keep them fresh and clean by washing your down pillows at home.

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