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Bathroom Cleaner (300ml)

Price: £12.00

Family bathrooms require high-performing yet still very gentle cleaning.

Our botanical cleaning spray is effective in making our enamel bath shine, with absolutely zero harmful chemicals.

The formulation combines modern plant based technology with naturally derived active ingredients, so it won’t damage your bathroom’s delicate porcelain either.

Vegan friendly Natural ingredients Natural bathroom cleaner

Allowing the force of nature to be our guide, we use scientifically formulated recipes that harness the efficacy of plant-based extracts and natural cleansing agents. Combining modern scientific research and age-old techniques, our range of washes and household cleansers are as potent as the natural elements that inspire them.

Our range is formulated using ecologically responsible practices. We source as many ingredients as possible from skilled British artisans, from Norfolk lavender fields to the finest English beeswax. We have 100% traceability on every ingredient, so we know exactly what goes into every single bottle.

All UK delivery is free and takes 2 - 3 working days.

International delivery prices and times vary by country. Your delivery costs will be calculated and shown to you before you order.

The environment is very important to us. All deliveries are sent in recyclable packaging, using the minimum amount required to ensure the safety and quality of your products when they arrive.

Frequently asked questions:

What areas of the bathroom is this cleaner suitable for?

All of it! We personally use it to clean our sinks and baths as well as shower screens and shower heads. You might prefer to use scented vinegar on your shower head instead. This bathroom cleaner can also be used in your toilet, but our loo cleaner will be even more effective.

Do I need to rinse surfaces after using this cleaner?

You don’t need to. It is perfectly safe. But we always recommend giving things a quick wipe down, particularly if children use the bathroom as well.

Does this cleaner contain bleach?

No, we never use bleach. Not only is it dangerous for people; it is also very harmful if it finds its way into our waterways.

Is this cleaner vegan friendly?

Yes, it is. We make it using only plant-based ingredients.