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Natural Products For Cleaning The Kettle

Scented Vinegar

Scented Vinegar (300ml)


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Copper Cleaning Pad

Copper Cleaning Pad


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Bella's Tips

We drink 120 million cups of tea every day in Britain. That is a lot of kettles boiling a lot of water. As you know if you are ever brave enough to look inside it, things can get pretty nasty in there. 

Despite its appearance, limescale actually isn't bad for you. It does, however, make your kettle significantly less effective. A build-up of limescale means boiling water takes longer and the process wastes more energy. Bad for the planet and bad for your morning routine!

Descaling your kettle does not need to involve harsh artificial chemicals. In fact, all you really need is some vinegar (our Scented Vinegar is great for this and comes without the fish-and-chip smell) and maybe a Copper Cleaning Pad.

Pour your vinegar into the kettle up to the top of the limescale build-up. Leave it there for a few hours (overnight is ideal). Then top it up with water and boil then pour the remnants away.

After the kettle has cooled, you might want to wipe around the inside with your Copper Cleaning Pad.

Rinse the kettle a couple of times before you use it again.

Repeat this process whenever the build-up dictates it.