Natural Products For Cleaning The Toilet

Loo Cleaner

Loo Cleaner (500ml)

Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner (300ml)

Scented Vinegar

Scented Vinegar (300ml)

Copper Cleaning Pad

Copper Cleaning Pad

Linen Cleaning Cloth

Linen Cleaning Cloth


Bella's Tips

It can be challenging to find effective bleach-free products for cleaning the toilet bowl. Balancing the obvious need for a powerful formula with the environmental impact of using bleach can be tricky.

Our natural Loo Cleaner is both powerful and sustainable. It will break down any unpleasantness in the bowl, even including limescale on the waterline. 

For a shiny clean, pour in before you go to bed (making sure you swirl it around the sides of the bowl) and flush in the morning. 

I clean the seat with a few spritzes of Scented Vinegar. You could uses a Linen Cloth to wipe it off but to be honest, I prefer to use toilet tissue. It just seems more hygienic. 

If your toilet has a chrome or stainless steel flushing handle, a few sprays of Scented Vinegar and a wet Copper Cleaning Pad will keep it shining with ease.