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We have three stores in the beautiful Georgian market town of Holt, Norfolk.
Each store with its own purpose and filled with our passion to bring joy to the everyday; with our Utility and Home Store, Perfumery and Wellbeing Pharmacy and Plant and Garden. In 2021 we added the High Kelling Post Stores and Post Office with the aim of serving our local community with quality food and wine, and a vital Post Office service. 

UTILITY STORE  //  Natural Slow-Luxury Home and Garment Care // Utility Accessories, Personal Care and Everyday Items //

Address : 4-6 Shirehall Plain, Holt.

Open : Monday - Saturday (closed on Tuesdays & Sundays), 10am until 5pm.   (During the summer and peak periods the store will also be open on Sundays.)


PERFUMERY & WELLBEING PHARMACY  //   Fine Fragrances // Home Scenting // Aromatherapy and Bath Tonics //

Address : 2b Shirehall Plain, Holt, NR25 6HT.

Open : Monday - Saturday (closed on Tuesdays & Sundays) 10am until 5pm (During the summer and peak periods the store will also be open on Sundays.)


PLANT & GARDEN STORE   //   Plant care // Pots, Gardening Essentials // Seeds and Outdoor Living //

Address : 2 Shirehall Plain, Holt. 

Will Be Open : Monday - Saturday (closed on Tuesdays & Sundays) 10am until 5pm.  (During the summer and peak periods the store will also be open on Sundays.)


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Our Utility Store & Perfumery Pharmacy

The first store we opened in 2019 was our Utility store, this is where my story began - I wanted to find pleasure whilst doing my daily rituals around the house - rinsing my dishes, washing the laundry and cleaning the windows. Distilling all of my beliefs that we can strive for a better, more sustainable life, yet still improve our everyday wellbeing.  So after a few years of developing my first range, I opened my first shop - with the help of my mother who kindly offered to run it whilst I was busy in the workshop making all of our products with the team.

Initially it was a small but perfectly formed store, just on Shireplain in Holt.  Perfectly sized to fit all of my ideas - from clothing wash to bathroom cleaner - and every form of wooden handled brush you can imagine.  My mother Felicity loved meeting everyone in the town and the community that has come to support our little shop over these last couple of years. 

After our first year, in March of 2020 the UK went into a national lock-down and my mother began to shield.  The support online from our customers was incredible and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.  In our workshop we are a small team of artisans, we hand craft each of our products here in Norfolk, so it means everything to all of us that we could continue - despite our shop being closed.

About a month later we spotted that a larger premises further down the road from our original store was vacant - so I  thought (buoyed by our online support and all the kind words you emailed me!) I thought let’s do it - let’s expand! So we painted like mad;  my brother and my husband fought with the shelves and after only a few sore thumbs - by the time the lock-down had lifted - we opened our second store whilst closing the first small one.  With my mother still isolating, our team grew and we now have the wonderful Amanda and Tilda instore - who are utterly charming and make each day a joy - so do pop in, even if it is just to say hi, you are almost guaranteed to leave with a smile.

 It was after much thought that I realised so much of the pleasure I gained from using my own products came from the fragrance - so it made sense to open a micro-perfumery infused with wellbeing and joy.  It didn’t happen overnight, we can’t work that fast - if fact we rather pride ourselves on the length of time it takes us to craft each of our fragrances.  So it wasn’t until after the end of the second lock down that we managed to open, just three weeks before Christmas.  My sister-in-law and I perilously climbed wobbly ladders to hang all the dried flowers on the ceiling, we wall-papered, polished old cabinets and even the dresser was stolen from my dining room as it fitted so well in the shop, but we were open.

Every one of our unisex fragrances is hand crafted (like all of our products) in our workshop in Norfolk.  We blend each ingredient, age it and bottle it. We engrave each bottle, fill each pulse point and mix each bath tonic.  It is labour intensive but it really is a joy to be crafting every element, to have that control and traceability over each ingredient. 

The reaction and support has been somewhat overwhelming, to create a space so personal and to have it so welcomed, has been thrilling.  Thank you everyone who has come in and those of you who are still to visit, I hope you have a wonderful time!  Tilda’s sister Hatty has now joined the team too - and we are all so happy to meet you.

Our Plant & Garden Store

Our third store is different again, having opened the perfumery, I thought the final piece of our puzzle was our plants.  I’ve always adored gardening - even if mostly in small spaces - from terraces to window boxes to shelves in my bedroom.  I’ve always managed to fill my space with greenery, it’s so uplifting, my children find me quite bemusing sometimes as I whitter onto my plants, telling them about my day and getting far too excited when I spot a new shoot!  So I thought let’s open a plant and garden store for those of you that get the same thrill as I do when you see a new life bursting from the earth.  It’s not far away either, just next door to our Utility shop, timber clad and filled with plants and pots and all my organic, essential oil infused remedies to help your plants thrive.

I believe the answer to growing stronger healthier plants lies within nature itself.  We simply need to unlock the ‘active principles’ within each plant that can help another to grow or even fight disease.  From my organic essential oil infused repellants, companion seed pairing sets, to our organic seaweed based plant food - we have housed them all in our little store - to hopefully bring a little ‘outdoor-joy’ indoors.

 Stay well and I hope to see you in one of our shops soon!

Bella Middleton, Co-Founder