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Our Philosophy

We uphold the values of longevity, honesty and respect for the natural terrain. To preserve the beautiful country that we call our home. We want to inspire people to tread those coastal paths, sail those seas and explore those muddy woodlands.  

Natural House Cleaning Norfolk Natural Living

Why eco friendly cleaning? 

Living and working in coastal England, the visible change in our natural environment due to pollution is sadly becoming more and more apparent. Harmful chemicals and plasticides entering our waterways is an unfortunate effect of business operations that prioritise price and transient fashion trends over looking after our surroundings.        

We are passionate about halting these effects as much as we possibly can. We will achieve this by

  • Using PET refillable packaging

  • Sourcing ingredients as locally as we can

  • Keeping our formulations free from chlorine and bleach

  • Using plant derived ingredients, taking advantage of their natural potency

  • Saying no to parabens, phthalates and artificial additives

  • Creating highly concentrated formulas - so you don’t need to use as much.  

  • Encouraging customers to refill their bottles at our flagship store in Holt

  • Never testing on animals

Natural Bees Wax Shoe Polish

How do we make our products?

Allowing the force of nature to be our guide, we use scientifically formulated recipes that harness the efficacy of plant-based extracts and natural cleansing agents. Combining modern scientific research and age-old techniques, our range of washes and household cleansers are as potent as the natural elements that inspire them.

Our range is formulated using ecologically responsible practices. We source as many ingredients as possible from skilled British artisans, from Norfolk lavender fields to the finest English beeswax. We have 100% traceability on every ingredient, so we know exactly what goes into every single bottle.

Where do we make our products?

From our workshop in Norfolk, our recipes are inspired by age-old practices. Crafting things with care and consideration, we embrace the time it takes to create something that’s good quality.

Everything is mixed, bottled and labelled by hand.

Natural Hand Cream and Hand Wash Made by Hand

Why do you use PET for your packaging?

We use PET bottles because it’s the most easily recyclable material available. PET can be reprocessed effectively into PCR plastic, lessening the need to produce more potentially harmful plastics. It’s also lightweight, meaning it requires fewer raw materials to create and less fuel for haulage.

You can refill your bottles at our flagship shop, nestled in the charming streets of Holt, Norfolk. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a start. We are also working on refillable pouches - to make it even easier to reuse our packaging.

Handmade Natural Laundry Detergent

Why don’t you use glass bottles?              

Glass is great for reuse and recycling, however it is also super heavy. Lighter goods means less fuel and fewer CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.  As an eco-forward business, we do our best to balance the needs of our business operations whilst still respecting the environment.

We also avoid glass so any spillages aren’t dangerous to little feet or paws.

Natural Cleaning and Dog Shampoo

We are by no means perfect...

There’s still lots to do. This is an ongoing journey for us, and our goal is to make tangible changes that make a real difference.  If you have any ideas of how you think we could improve, please do get in contact we would love to hear from you. 

Please just drop us an email at: