Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco cleaning products

Clean your home with eco friendly cleaning products. 100% natural and made by hand in Norfolk, England. All completely free from toxins and parabens. Safe to use around your pets and children (but they are still strong enough to leave all of your surfaces sparkly clean!).

This guide will walk you through the perfect eco cleaning products for every job in the house. Don’t worry - none of them are tested on animals. We much prefer trying them in our own houses instead.

Scented Vinegar - The Powerful All-Rounder

Scented Vinegar is a must-have cleaning product for any environmentally conscious person. There are very few tasks around the house that it can’t tackle. From cleaning up spills to wiping your windows and even tackling limescale - Scented Vinegar should be your tool of choice.

We make it by distilling vinegar down to its most powerful components and filtering out the chemical that causes that chip shop smell. Then it is whisked together with essential oils to give your choice of beautiful aroma.

Multi Surface Spray - The Worktop Wonder

Whilst Scented Vinegar is a great all-rounder, Multi-Surface Spray really comes into its own around the hard surfaces in your home.

The difference is that Scented Vinegar is super effective on organic dirt and grime - while Multi Surface Spray excels at oil-based spillages. That makes it perfect for use in the kitchen - both on your worktops and any stainless steel appliances. If you have marble worktops, our specialist Marble Cleaner should be used instead.

Because it is completely natural (and 100% eco-friendly) - you can use this multi surface cleaner around food and your family without any concerns. We wouldn’t want to spray bleach or other harmful chemicals in any areas where we prepare our food, so we don’t expect you to either.

Dish Wash - The Crockery's Choice

A powerful botanical formula that uses the force of nature to make light work of your dishes - without containing any toxins.

Where many washing up liquids rely on harsh chemicals to cut through the dirt on your chishes, we use the amazing power of coconut oil. Think of it as a lubricant. Admittedly, that sounds

Loo Cleaner - The Unspoken Hero

We won’t go intotoomuch detail here… nobody wants to overthink this particular job. But we all want to make sure our toilets are as clean and hygienic as others. To tackle this task, some reach for a big bottle of bleach. There areplentyof reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this… we have listed some of them further down the page.

Our Loo Cleaner uses an amazingly powerful yet completely safe, eco-friendly botanical mixture. It utilizes coconut oil and acetic acid (which we get by distilling vinegar) to tackle any tough-to-remove marks and fight against germs.

A mixture of lemon grass oil, rose oil and the acid from citrus peels provides backup support to tackle any leftover microbes (and it happens to smell really nice).

Why use eco friendly cleaning products?

We could write a book about the harmful chemicals you find in a lot of household cleaning products. Not just the potential negative effects on your own health but also the devastating effects they can have on the environment.

Phosphates, which arefound in a lot of household cleaning products, are terrible news for aquatic life. Even modern water treatment plants can only remove about 30% of it from water. Which leaves about 70% of it left to flow uninhibited into our waterways. Too many phosphates in a river or pond will kill fish. Even slightly elevated levels can cause suffering to wildlife.

Bleach, although found in most people’s cleaning cupboards, is very bad for a huge swathe of ecosystems. It is so bad, in fact, that there are calls among environmental groups to have bleach banned for domestic use. Once it gets into the water, it can react with other chemicals to form dioxins.Medical News Today says that dioxins “can cause problems with reproduction, development, and the immune system. They can also disrupt hormones and lead to cancer. Known as persistent environmental pollutants (POPs), dioxins can remain in the environment for many years”.

Using eco friendly cleaning products means that you can avoid the use of harsh chemicals like the above. Not only will this help to protect your family from potential hazards, it will also reduce the quantities of dangerous solutions being released into the environment.

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