Wholesale Natural Cleaning Products

Are your customers environmentally conscious? Do they demand sustainability and environmental responsibility from the products they purchase?

Introduce them to Norfolk Natural Living.

Our natural cleaning products are all mixed by hand in the beautiful Norfolk countryside using the finest ingredients in the perfect quantities. They are vegan friendly, sustainably produced and packaged in recyclable bottles. The perfect choice for the eco friendly consumer.

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Wholesale Scented Vinegar

Scented vinegar is the home-cleaning must-have for 2019. It combines the incredible cleaning power of vinegar with beautiful scents that freshen the home as you clean.

Vinegar is a great choice for cleaning windows, floors, brass, carpets, wine stains and even irons (source:today.com).

It is natural, non-toxic and won’t wreak havoc with your allergies. In fact, the only drawback to using vinegar around the house is that it tends to leave your place smelling like a chip shop… that’s where Norfolk Natural Living’s scented vinegar comes into play!

Our wholesale scented vinegar comes in 300ml bottles and is available in rose and lavender scents.

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Wholesale Marble Cleaner

Wholesale Marble Cleaner

Marble worktops and floors look stunning. Help your customers to keep them that way with our marble cleaning solution.

It uses natural ingredients to sterilise and shine all marble surfaces. It is safe to use around pets and children, plus it comes with full support and advice via our team for both you and your customers.

Our wholesale marble cleaner comes in 300ml recyclable bottles and is available in sea salt and lavender scents.

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Wholesale Enamel Cleaner

Wholesale Enamel Cleaner

Enamel stove-tops and kitchen utensils look fantastic and are a dream to use. Unfortunately, they can be something of a nightmare to clean!

Your customers know the frustration of smudges, marks and residue left behind by kitchen cleaners on their enamel surfaces.

Luckily, our specialist enamel cleaner is made with the perfect natural ingredients to leave a perfect shine after every use. We formulated it to be just as easy to use on warm surfaces as it is on cold ones.

Our wholesale enamel cleaner comes in a recyclable 300ml bottle and the choice of lavender or sea salt scents.

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