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Wholesale Natural Laundry Detergents

Stock an inspiring new range of natural laundry detergent. Created by hand in rural Norfolk, England. Vegan friendly, sustainably produced and presented in recyclable packaging. This is laundry detergent for the environmentally conscious generation.

We supply wholesale natural laundry detergent with no minimum order restrictions. Click here to download a catalogue. See our fantastic range and wholesale pricing with no obligation.

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Wholesale natural detergent

Wholesale Clothing Wash

Wholesale Clothing Wash

Our clothing wash is all-natural, vegan friendly, sustainably packaged and beautifully designed. We create our liquid laundry detergent with the finest ingredients, creating minimum impact on the world around us. Now your customers can have clean clothes and a clean conscience. Our wholesale clothing wash is supplied with no minimum order restrictions.

Our wholesale clothing was is available in 500ml bottles. Click here to download a catalogue.

Wholesale Denim Wash

Wholesale Denim Wash

Specialist denim wash is no longer the preserve of the fashion elite. People are becoming more attuned to the environmental perils of throwaway fashion and, in particular, the potential harm caused by the denim industry.

Quick fact: it takes 1,800 litres of water to make one pair of denim jeans. Source: treehugger.com.

Does that mean that we should all stop wearing jeans? No. Denim is actually very hard-wearing and, if looked after properly, can last an extraordinary amount of time.

That’s why your customers will love our natural denim wash. Not only is it vegan friendly, produced in an environmentally responsible way and presented in sustainable packaging; it also looks fantastic on their shelf and works wonders on their denim.

Our wholesale denim wash is available in 500ml bottles. Click here to download a catalogue.

Wholesale Wool & Silk Wash

Wholesale Wool & Silk Wash

Wool and silk are notoriously difficult to wash. Their delicate nature means that harsh chemicals or scrubbing wreak havoc on their stylish nature. That’s why we created our gentle but effective wool and silk wash.

Each 500ml bottle (made with recyclable plastic) contains only the finest natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. No bleaches or colour-strippers. Just honest cleaning essentials to leave your customers’ woollen and silk clothes looking their best for years to come.

Our wholesale wool & silk wash is available in 500ml bottles. Click here to download a catalogue.

Wholesale Fabric Softener

Wholesale Fabric Softener

Few things in life feel better than pulling on a warm jumper on a cold day. Especially if it has been treated to our luxury natural fabric softener.

We use the finest natural ingredients to create a fabric softener which gently massages every fibre in your favourite garments. It softens and nourishes your clothes without compromising colours or fit.

Our wholesale fabric softener is available in 500ml bottles. Click here to download a catalogue.