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Linen Dish Cloth

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Linen dish cloths are an eco-friendly, long lasting and sustainable way to wash your dishes in the sink. Highly absorbent and machine washable, they last much longer than your sponge or blue cloth and contain no plastics.

It leaves no fluff or fibres on your plates and will not retain oils or bad smells. 

Each cloth can withstand months of use - including washing - without losing its shape or integrity. Use it as an all-purpose cleaning wash or keep it for your dishes. Just rinse it out and leave to dry between uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is using a linen dish cloth a sustainable option?

A high quality linen dish cloth like ours will last significantly longer than a disposable cloth that you might buy. This generates less waste, reduces the space and fuel used to transport them and the raw materials required to make them.

How long will this linen dish cloth last?

You can expect your dish cloth to last two or three months with regular usage. It lasts so long because the fibres are not easily torn or stretched out of shape. It also will not hold onto oils or smells like most other cloths do.

Should I wash my linen dish cloth?

Yes! In fact, we think you should. Soaking your cloth in clean, warm water is often enough. You might like to add a little bit of natural detergent if your cloth is particularly soiled. The big advantage of a linen cloth is that soiling and detritus should never be a reason to replace it.

What will delivery cost? And how long does it take?

UK delivery is free for orders over £30 and takes 2 - 3 working days. For orders under £30 it costs £3. International delivery prices and times vary by country. Your delivery costs will be calculated and shown to you before you order.