NHS Wellbeing Thank You Essential Kit

Posted with UPS on a next day service.

Our personalised NHS wellbeing kit is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for your staff. We thought we would apply a 50% discount as our way of saying thank you.  Thank you for your effort and hard work and most of all for your time - the time away from your family to look after ours. 

We deeply believe the best gifts are those that speak from the heart to the heart and make you feel better.

We have put sleep at the center of our kit, as it is such an important part of our wellbeing. 

Infused with essential oils designed to help you to calm down after a long day, with a soothing organic bath oil, hydrating organic eye cream and Pillow mist to send you off into a deep dreamless sleep. The Rose Quartz gemstone is to boost your inner healing and self-love.

All of the slow luxury cosmetics contained within this kit are blended by hand in our Norfolk workshop, each product is infused with theraputic blends designed to help create a sense of deep calm.

We have use Aluminium bottles to keep the ingredients fresh, along with potato paper wraps, we've made sure that our packaging is both sustainable & recyclable.

Contents : 50ml Deep sleep Bath Oil, 30ml Deep Sleep Pillow Mist, 30ml Eye Cream, Pocket Gemstone.