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Sportswear Wash (500ml)

Price: £14.50

Our botanical Sports Detergent will cleanse your sportswear garments of perspiration, odour and stains. Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, our formulation combines modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients.   

Free from chlorine and bleach, it’s suitable for all of your sportswear; nylon, spandex, cotton and all synthetics. It is designed to cleanse and refresh your garments whilst helping to preserve the countryside.   

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between sportswear wash and detergent?

We make it with a slightly different formulation that is better at tackling the inevitable smells that linger on sports clothing. You will also find that this sportswear wash is particularly effective at removing grass stains and mud.

How should this wash be used?

Simply follow the laundering instructions on your clothing and use this wash as though it were any other detergent.

Does this wash contain any harmful chemicals?

No. We choose all of our ingredients very carefully. They are selected for their efficacy at the task in hand but gentleness on your skin and the wider environment.

Is this wash suitable for vegans?

Yes, it is. All of our products are vegan friendly, except for our waxes which contain the wax of wild bees.

What will delivery cost? And how long does it take?

UK delivery is free for orders over £30 and takes 2 - 3 working days. For orders under £30 it costs £3. International delivery prices and times vary by country. Your delivery costs will be calculated and shown to you before you order.