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Trainer Cleaning Kit

Price: £20.00
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Our naturally formulated trainer cleaning kit is specifically designed to leave your most cherished footwear glistening, as if they were fresh out of the box. Ideal for use on canvas, leather, vinyl, cotton mesh and more.

Bottled by hand in our norfolk workshop, our collection has modern plant based technology at its base.  

We have put nature and craftsmanship at the core of all our garment and home care products, with one aim: to enhance the everyday, to bring beauty and a little joy to your daily chores

To use: Fill a cup with water and dip in the trainer cleaning brush. Pour a small amount of cleaning fluid onto the brush. In a circular motion, rub your trainers. Repeat these steps  until all dirt has been removed, and let them dry naturally.

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Bella's Tips

Bella Middleton founded Norfolk Natural Living. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband, Hugo and their three young children. Bella's tips come from a combination of a passion for nature and the wisdom passed to her by her mum, Felicity.