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Weekend Wellbeing Tips - you can easily add to your everyday


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1.Be generous
2.Move your body
3.Educate yourself
4.Make a connection
5.Notice your everyday

When the weekend arrives after a busy week, there’s nothing more satisfying than a lie in -  allowing the morning light to gently ease me awake on a saturday morning . Although this is rarely the case - as with children I’m often up earlier and stumbling over toys - then into a relatively hectic day of shopping, chores and taxi-ing children from place to place. But either way, I try to fit in a moment of wellbeing amidst my day.


Since finding the Five ways to Wellbeing I’ve put together 5 wellbeing tips based on this research in the hope it will inspire and uplift you too.


1.Be Generous


Nothing gives me more joy than giving to others and seeing the happiness it can bring.  When we shift the focus from ourselves to helping others it can do wonders for our wellbeing. 


Giving something, when it’s least expected, gives you the most wonderful feeling.


I have found so many different ways to incorporate this - either by gifting a thoughtful gift - you may have a friend who’s having a particularly stressful time at work, for whom our De-Stress on the Go gift set or candle could be the perfect way to make their day that little bit more bearable. 


But gifts don’t have to be physical, simple acts of kindness in your everyday, like a simple Hello to a stranger, picking a bunch of garden flowers for a friend or leaving a secret note in your partner's lunch box to surprise them - can create a great sense of joy!


The gift of your time is invaluable - just picking up the phone to call an old friend can be quite wondrously uplifting for both of you.

2.Move your body


Find a way to move your body that works for you, try taking yourself for a brisk 20 minute walk within half an hour of waking.  It might be to grab your morning coffee or to take the dog round the block before snuggling back under the duvet for a lazy morning in bed at the weekend.


Not only does it create a great sense of achievement before you’ve even started your day - it is also proven to help regulate your circadian rhythm, so you will sleep better at night.

I’ve been surprised at how energised I feel throughout the day when I manage to fit in a morning walk, it sets you up for the day. 


Sometimes if I have a window - I’ll allow myself that extra time on the weekend to do a Yoga session.  I love to use a pulse point oil whilst I'm practicing. The Focus & centre made with a blend of Basil, Bergamot and Lavender and boosted with Carnelian and Amethyst gemstones - known for their ability to help focus the mind and create a sense of calm is usually my go to. 


Whatever it is that inspires you to move your body, find something that brings you joy.

3.Educate yourself


I’m constantly researching and finding out ways to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. 


Leonardo Da Vinci famously said that “Learning never exhausts the mind”, by exploring what I love it has been transformational for my own wellbeing. 


It’s never too late to learn a new skill, humans are designed for life long learning, open your mind to new experiences you might surprise yourself. A great tip I was given was to set aside just 20 minutes a day to read a physical book - there’s nothing quite like turning a page.


4.Make a connection


I make a point of always having a chat with my local shop assistant making sure to put away my phone. Engaging in conversation with another human has been proven to release the same endorphins you get when you’re exercising.


We are made to be social creatures, however connection doesn't just mean human connection, it may be a connection to your pet, a spiritual connection or even the sun.


Connecting with others is so important and being part of a community is so beneficial to your personal well being. If you’d like to join the Norfolk Natural living community and hear more from like minded individuals please feel free to sign up here.

5.Notice your everyday


By simply choosing to notice what is around us we can find so much beauty and joy in our surroundings - even doing mundane tasks around the house can become imbued with magic. 

Just making your bed in the morning - notice how wonderful it feels in the evening, pulling back the sheets and climbing in.


When sitting for lunch - perhaps gather a few flowers for the table - take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of the narcissi.


Allow yourself 10 minutes as you crawl into bed to give your feet a little massage.  With over 7,000 different nerve endings in each foot - giving yourself a little time to rub your toes will not only help release toxins and cleanse neural pathways - it feels really good.


I hope these five wellbeing tips will inspire your weekend and bring helpful tips allowing you the freedom to find your own way to wellbeing. If you have any wellbeing hacks that you’ve found work for you, I would love to hear from you.


Bella x 


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