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The best houseplants to give as a gift

Gifted houseplant

From foliage to florals, plants make a wonderful gift. A potted plant can brighten up a room and even improve your mental health. Giving someone a living gift is a thoughtful gesture - but what is the best houseplant to give as a present?

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Our TWC Denim Wash Collaboration

For Christmas last year I gave my brother, Jude, a shirt by The Workers Club. I bought it in Fortnum and Mason when I was in London celebrating my mother’s birthday. It was a lovely day 
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My Green Cleaning Equipment & Products

Once you’ve decided you’d like to give eco-cleaning a go, it can feel a little overwhelming when looking at the various products and tools that promise to help you. But a hefty cleaning product haul really isn’t necessary. I’ve alway felt it’s much better to invest in a few key quality tools that will stand the test of time and make the most difference to your routine.
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