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Essential oils to beat the heat

Essential oils to beat the heat


Summer is finally here and most of us are getting ready for holidays or spending far more time outdoors trying to lap up every spare moment in the sunshine. 


With the warmer weather and soaring temperatures you are more prone to sun related issues like Heatstroke or prickly heat. To make sure you enjoy your summer holidays naturally and safely, read about my favourite natural remedies for four different types of heat exhaustion using essential oils.


1.Prickly Heat essential oil remedy:


Prickly heat is a rash of tiny blisters usually caused by blocked sweat glands. They can be extremely itchy and can affect any part of the body in the heat. Try to keep as cool as possible and expose the area to air. Apply a splash of the following remedy to the affected area for instant relief:


Eucalyptus essential oil x 6 Drops

Lavender essential oil x 6 Drops

Chamomile essential oil x 6 Drops


Dilute in a teaspoon of alcohol and shake in a quarter of a litre of spring water. Or try a warm bath with 4 drops each of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.


2.How to heal Sunburn naturally:


Sunburn can be so painful and no matter how much we try to avoid it, it happens to all of us at some point. The most effective treatment is the miraculous essential oil, Lavender. With all burns the first thing to do is to remove the heat from the skin; make sure to immerse the burn in cold water for ten minutes at least, adding ice if possible. 


Lavender essential oil x 1 Drop


Apply neat Lavender essential oil covering the entire affected area, it may be surprising just how much area one drop can cover (use eucalyptus if you don’t have Lavender). By morning you won’t notice a thing but try to avoid the sun for the next two days and as always make sure to wear sunscreen.


3.Essential oil remedy to help with Heat Cramps:


Heat cramps are painful, involuntary muscle spasms that generally occur during exercise in a hot environment due to loss of electrolytes and dehydration. Massage the legs with the following:


Geranium essential oil x 2 Drops

Eucalyptus essential oil x 3 Drops


Diluted in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil.


4.Natural remedy for Heatstroke:


Heat exhaustion occurs when the body overheats due to extreme weather or exercise. It can easily turn into heatstroke which can be life threatening. When your core body body temperature is greater than 104 F or (40 C) or higher then this can cause all sorts of issues including serious damage to the brain and internal organs. The temperature must be brought down immediately and treatment continued for at least 48 hrs until it is alleviated.


Immerse the body in cold water to which you have added the following:


Eucalyptus essential oil x 4 Drops

Lavender essential oil x 4 Drops


You can also pour icy water directly onto the body whilst also applying neat eucalyptus to the temples and back of the neck. Make sure to move the affected person into a cool indoors area and sponge the body down frequently with ice cold water over the next 48 hrs. Make sure to drink plenty of water, adding a teaspoon of salt per litre to rehydrate.


I hope these four ways to use essential oils to avoid heat related ailments will help you to enjoy your summer naturally, safely and worry free.


Talk soon,


Bella x


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