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How to make your perfume last longer

Autumn perfume

I love the smell of freshly spritzed perfume on my skin, it lifts my mood and makes me feel ready for any occasion. Scent is so important to me and I’m sure we can all agree that when someone tells you that you smell great it’s the most wonderful compliment. 

However, fragrance can fade and I find that by the time I’ve doused myself in my signature scent in the morning and driven to the office I can no longer smell that beautiful aroma. I made it my mission to find out how to make perfume last longer and uncovered some life hacks you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a few simple Do’s and Don’ts to make your fragrance last all day…

Don’t rub your perfume into your skin

Instead make sure you dab your pulse points together or spray directly on to your skin and let it settle naturally. Pulse points actually help to radiate the scent which is why you should also spray it on your heart where your pulse is strongest. I like to set an intention whilst I spritz, your heart will act as a diffuser releasing your scent and reminding you of your intention throughout the day.  

Apply your perfume after a bath or shower

The moisture and steam from a bath or shower opens up your pores and hydrates the skin, getting rid of excess oil and dirt allowing a perfect foundation for your scent to cling to. Hydrated, clean skin will hold fragrance for longer keeping you smelling great all day long. 

Make sure your skin is hydrated

The absolute best way to enhance your scent is to apply your moisturiser just after your shower and then apply your favourite perfume. This will lock in the scent for extra staying power. But, if you’re short on time, a body oil or body balm will ensure a similar effect. Better yet, using matching products like a moisturiser or body wash infused with the same scent will enhance it further.

Spray your clothes 

Have you ever pulled on a jumper of a loved one and the smell reminds you of them, or perhaps put on a scarf and it still smells of the perfume you wore to that dinner party? Scent and memory go hand-in-hand, I always spray my clothes as well as my skin, fabrics hold on to scent incredibly well. Your nose will actually get used to the scent you are wearing so you may think your scent has faded but those around you can still smell the beautiful aroma you covered yourself in.

Smell is actually the only fully developed sense a fetus has in the womb which probably explains our obsession with scent. Smell and emotion are stored in our brains as one memory which is why a scent can easily produce a certain feeling or trigger a walk down memory lane. Coastal Walks always sparks fond memories of growing up on the Norfolk coast for me. 

I do hope this helps you to enjoy your signature scent for longer.  

Talk soon,

Bella x

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