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How to keep your picture frames pristine

When looking for the ultimate spring reset it is important to remember the few things that are always forgotten around the home. Picture frames dotted about, holding precious family portraits and memories, can often be largely forgotten with sticky fingerprints and layers of dust.


Here’s an easy way to get your picture frames clean and keep them clean without dismantling anything.

First, it is key to know that placing your picture frames in direct sunlight or damp rooms is likely to damage them, and the photos inside, quickly. And that consistent care is the best for your picture frame in the long run. Also if there is any damage to the picture frames, cleaning them could cause more severe harm. So inspect the frames before you undertake any work. But, if they’ve been left for a little while they are simple to revert back to their former glory. 

Starting by using a damp micro fiber cloth to wipe down the frame, glass and cloth back, you can remove any major dust build ups. If there are any fingerprints or major marks, applying a cleaning spray like our multi-surface spray to the cloth before wiping can help remove anything with ease, leaving no streaks. It’s key to not spray the frame directly as the liquid can then seep into the frame and damage the picture. Another benefit of using our spray is that it is made with natural, gentle ingredients which assists with prolonging the lifetime of frames and by causing less damage to the finish and material. 

For more intricate parts of your frame or more stubborn marks, using a soft bristled toothbrush gently loosens and removes fine dust. Ensuring that you’re left with a clean glistening picture frame. 

My top tips for maintaining sparkling picture frames

  • Dehumidifiers - moisture can have significant damaging effects on your frames. From mould growth and deterioration to discolouration, it is much better to keep frames in a dry, mild place and having a dehumidifier can help that dramatically.
  • Regular dusting - light but consistent dusting of frames with our feather duster helps prevent any dust build up. This can be done where the frames stand so it takes a small amount of time but definitely helps the life of your picture frames. 
  • Scented Vinegar - I use this on any glass surface and it leaves a fresh fragrance behind as well!




I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions - please do let me know!

Talk soon,

B x

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