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What Are Cedar Balls?

When I first started designing the Norfolk Natural Living collection, cedar balls were one of the first products we developed - and I was surprised when many members of our team had never used them. Essentially, they absorb moisture and protect our garments from moths (and other wardrobe-dwelling pests), mildew and unpleasant odours. I’m pleased to say that I’ve now converted quite a few of them to using them in their homes.

How do cedar moth balls work?

Made from 100% aromatic cedar wood, they have a very pleasant aroma and are a discreet and natural way of dealing with moths. Insects and other pests are naturally repelled by them, keeping your sweaters and woollens in the best possible condition after washing.

And the science behind it? It’s all in those rich natural oils in the wood.  These oils discourage moths from laying their eggs in wool, due to the release of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. The continuous aroma ensures these insects aren’t attracted to your jumper drawer. And they really do smell rather gorgeous.

How to use cedar moth balls.

I just scatter these wherever our clothes are - whether they’re in drawers, a wardrobe, or in  sealed boxes stored away for winter. For spare coats and jackets, we just pop them in the pockets.

How to stop moths from eating your clothes.

As ever, prevention is better than cure, but here are some basic tips that I’ve picked up in my quest for moth-free wardrobes:

  1. Keep your bedroom or dressing room well ventilated - and invest in a natural reed diffuser. Insects aren’t lovers of essential oils. My current favourite scent is sea salt, as it reminds me of sunnier seaside days
  2. If you dry clean your garments, don’t hang them in the plastic bag it’s returned in. This attracts dust, which in turn attract moths. I’ve tried to get into the habit of getting rid of the bag as soon as I’m back from the dry cleaners
  3. Be sure to only hang laundered and clean garments in your wardrobe
  4. Regularly vacuum and clean your wardrobe and drawers, to prevent dust build up. I try and make it part of my monthly deep cleaning routine
  5. If you’re a vintage clothes fiend like I am - make sure they’re professionally dry cleaned before you hang them
  6. Use your iron - the heat will kill any moth eggs
  7. Consider cedar furniture - it’s beautiful and moths won’t come near it. My husband picked up a beautiful cedar chest of drawers second hand, and once we’d managed to lug it up the stairs, it looks great in our bedroom
  8. Rotate your wardrobe - insects don’t like to lay eggs in areas that are disturbed regularly, favouring dark and static areas instead
  9. Store precious items In cotton garment bags
  10. If all else fails, contact a pest control professional

Give cedar balls a try in your wardrobe, I’d love to hear about the difference they make in your home

Bella x

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