Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Copper Cleaning Pad

Copper Cleaning Pad

Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner (300ml)

Scented Vinegar

Scented Vinegar (300ml)

Multi Surface Spray

Multi Surface Spray (300ml)

Loo Cleaner

Loo Cleaner (500ml)

Marble Cleaner

Marble Cleaner (300ml)

Linen Cleaning Cloth

Linen Cleaning Cloth

Bella's Tips

Bella Middleton founded Norfolk Natural Living. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband, Hugo and their three young children. Bella's tips come from a combination of a passion for nature and the wisdom passed to her by her mum, Felicity.

Your bathroom is easily the most time-consuming room to clean. Wet surfaces means mould and damage, whilst keeping grouting in your tiles looking presentable can feel like a never-ending battle. 

It is sometimes tempting just to reach for a bottle of bleach and start spraying it. Instead, opting for the right selection of natural cleaning products can make the job even easier and comes without the side effects of nasty fumes and environmental damage. 

Removing black mould from your grouting is as easy as spraying it with Scented Vinegar, waiting for a few minutes and wiping it clean with a wet Linen Cloth or Copper Cleaning Pad. The same goes for removing limescale or de-clogging the shower head. 

Your sinks, bath, handles and toilet seat will gleam in moments with the help of a quick spritz of Bathroom Cleaner. If you are tackling difficult jobs like hardened toothpaste marks, leave the spray to soak in for a couple of minutes, then use a wet Copper Cleaning Pad. The area should be gleaming after just a few wipes. 

Our Loo Cleaner is a powerful alternative to using bleach in your toilet bowl. It makes light work of difficult jobs without any toxic or harmful chemicals. Just pour it in (like you would with a bottle of bleach-based cleaner), leave overnight and give the bowl a quick once-over with your toilet brush.