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Wool & Silk Wash (500ml)

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Our woolens are always kept close at hand on our Sunday coastal walks, thanks to the wonderfully changeable British weather.  

Our botanical formulation is gentle enough to freshen those special pieces without compromising their fibres.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, our formulation combines modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients.

Free from chlorine and bleach, it’s suitable for the whole family: from my favourite silk shirt, to my babies’ cashmere gloves.

Maintaining the shape and texture of your precious garments, whilst also preserving the countryside.

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Bella's Tips

Bella Middleton founded Norfolk Natural Living. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband, Hugo and their three young children. Bella's tips come from a combination of a passion for nature and the wisdom passed to her by her mum, Felicity.

Caring for silk and woollens is very different from washing your other garments.

When looked after correctly, woollen garments will reward you with their warmth and comfort. When not cared for correctly, they bobble, become scratch and loose their shape.

We use different quantities of the ingredients from our Clothing Wash to create this specialist Wool and Silk Wash. It is as gentle as can be; formulated to nurture your most delicate garments. 

Remember, never wash your wool or silk at a high temperature. They will loose their shape and their colours will fade terribly.

Ideally you should wash them by hand, not in the machine. The friction from a washing machine can felt wool.

To dry your woollen garments, you should first block them. This means laying them flat and gently teasing them into shape using your clean hands. Allow them to sit and dry in a flat position. Never use the tumble dryer.

To dry your silk garments, roll them up in a dry towel to remove water. Then repeat the process in a second towel to remove the remaining excess moisture. Finally, lay flat and leave to air dry. Again, do not use the tumble dryer.

This Wool & Silk Wash is also perfect for using on Cupro fabrics.

We use completely recyclable materials in our packaging. That includes the bottles and jars that our products are housed in. Please take care to wash them out and re-use/recycle them after use.

If you have any questions, I will be delighted to help you. Please email me ( and I will get back to you with the answer.

Water Hardness Light Soiling Heavy Soiling Hand Wash
Soft 30ml 40ml 15ml
Medium 40ml 50ml 20ml
Hard 50ml 60ml 30ml