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How to care for swimwear

How to care for swimwear


Is there a better feeling…

Than bringing your old swimwear back to life?! There’s nothing more annoying than sun cream ruining your favourite bikini! When it comes to cleaning your swimwear, our tips below will help you wash them clean of grime, sun cream and swear, while helping maintain them for your next sip

My top tips are:

1. Pre treat stains with stain solution
2. Hand wash in cool water
3. Lay flat to dry (not in direct sunlight)
4. Use alternative bleach to brighten any whites
5. Use the money you’ve saved to buy an Aperol spritz 🍹

It’s best to launder swimwear – or at least rinse them – as soon as possible after swimming. That’s because exposure to the saltiness of the ocean and your pool’s chemicals can damage swimwear fabrics over time, causing fading and unwanted odour. Ahead, our top tips for keeping suits are:

 Step 1:Target Stains

Sunscreen spots, popsicle drips, makeup smudges, oh my! Start by pre-treating stains of all kinds with Stain Solution. Don't forget the underwire, straps, and drawstrings, where stains or perspiration can accumulate.


Step 2: Handwash

Mix a bowl of cool water and Laundry detergent together (never use fabric softener on swimwear) Create a mini whirlpool by agitating the water and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Then, rinse the suit well under the faucet while gently squeezing out water. Avoid ringing or twisting.

Step 3: Or Machine Wash

Handwashing is always the most gentle washing method, but machine washing can be just as delicate with the right solutions. First, flip pieces inside out and insert them into a Mesh Bag if you have one. This will prevent bathing suits from snagging in the drum of the machine and protect clasps, ties, and embellishments. Select a delicate cycle, low spin, and cool or warm water and add your laundry detergent.

Step 4: Lay Flat To Dry

To ensure your suit lasts way beyond one season, steer clear of the dryer! The heat will reduce elasticity and weaken the fabric. Avoid drying in direct sunlight to help prevent fading.


I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for saving your old swimwear and it will help you to enjoy your summer naturally, safely and worry free.

Talk soon,

B x