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How to prep your home for a Christmas party

Bella christmas

A time for joyous celebration and spending time with our nearest and dearest, I always look forward to this time of year. This year I’m hosting Christmas for all the family and whilst I love the hustle and bustle I wanted to share with you my top tips for prepping your home for that all important Christmas and New year party so that once the party begins you can sit back, relax and enjoy the merriment.

As the buzz and excitement of Christmas draws near and the party preparations begin it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It might seem that the list is never ending and there is always extra cleaning to be done or another job to add to the list. To ensure guests feel welcome and comfortable I’ve put together an easy guide to help you prepare for your festive party with ease.

How to clean your house for a Christmas party

Spirit of noel

Start by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering, it’s a great time of year to get rid of any clutter ready to start afresh for the New year. Then to begin cleaning - I’ll use my Coastal Walks multi surface spray, it freshens up countertops, floors and surfaces with this all in one wonder spray. 

Finish off by spritzing each room with my absolute favourite Spirit of Noel mood mist and room spray, a delicious melody of cinnamon, orange blossom and vanilla, ensuring your guests are welcomed with the scent of Christmas. I also make sure each room has either a candle or a diffuser to permeate the room and fill your home with festive cheer, scent actually plays a major role in how people experience an event.

How to organise your house ready for a Christmas party

Spirit of noel

Put your favourite festive playlist on; walk through your home and make a quick list of all the things you need to do, lists are my savior. Start with the essential areas that will require extra attention like the Kitchen and bathroom. I always put a basket of essentials in the bathroom for guests to freshen up, pop a christmas hand wash and hand lotion and a Winter perfume for an indulgent treat.

You will also need an area for guests to put their bags and coats. First impressions are paramount so ensure the entry to your home is looking lovely removing any trip hazards like shoes or dog toys! 

Easy touches that make a party feel festive

pruning snips

Add hand made natural decorations: I always use dried orange slices, bunches of cinnamon sticks or pine cones to give an instant jovial feeling, it’s amazing how these natural scents fill the air whilst making a home look gorgeously christmassy.

If you’re feeling creative and have the time, make your own natural wreaths or garlands by tying branches together and adding natural berries and decorations. Our new complete plant care set includes pruning snips and plant leaf shine spray which will enhance and give any Christmas plant life you decide to use a new lease of life.

How to relax before a Christmas party

Bath oil

I love a party but planning and hosting any party can be stressful at times. The social anxiety before a party, the worry that everyone is having a great time, this is why  I always use a little of my De-stress and breath pulse oil before and during an event. I find if I roll a little on my pulse points, and take a few deep breaths about half an hour before the party starts, it instantly calms my mind, so I can look forward to seeing my friends and family.

I also love taking a bath, so I always make sure to leave time before the party starts to have a relaxing bath using my favourite relax & release bath oil  before I start getting ready for the party to begin. 

Once your home has been prepared effectively you can sit back and enjoy the Christmas festivities relaxing in the knowledge that your guests will feel comfortable and welcomed in your home.

I would love to hear if you found these tips useful and whether you have any upcoming party plans this festive season! 

Bella x 



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