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How to scent your home for Christmas

Christmas scene

The first thing people notice when they walk into your home is the scent, being obsessed with fragrance I love to know that when guests enter my home they are greeted with a beautiful aroma. It might seem like an easy fix to use an air freshener but there is much more to making (and keeping) your home smelling clean and fresh ready for unexpected visitors or that christmas party you’re planning. 

Guarantee your home smells amazing this christmas with my top How To’s:

Introduce plants into your home

Plants purify the air making them a perfect natural odour eradicator. I try to fill my home with scented plants like Jasmine, Gardenias and eucalyptus which fills the space with a gorgeous aroma and also brings a sense of calm and wellbeing to your surroundings. Pine and spruce are the essence of Christmas, even if you’re not using firewood, integrating wood as natural decoration can provide a relaxing festive atmosphere.

Clean your house regularly

Baking soda is my secret weapon when it comes to my bin which is most often the main culprit for nasty odours, sprinkle under your bin bag or bin liner to soak up unforgiving smells (also great for your fridge!). Make sure to clean each room thoroughly, especially your bathroom and kitchen with our natural multi surface cleaning spray to ensure any remaining odour causing bacteria is removed. Spritz and freshen your soft furnishings, clothing or bed linen with a Garment refresher designed specially to neutralize odors.

Christmas Candles

I absolutely love candles on a cozy, crisp winter's evening. There’s nothing more festive than curling up beside the fire with a christmas scented candle glowing warmly beside me. I tend to strategically place candles around my home where people would least expect them and keep them unlit, allowing the aroma to permeate the air. Unlit candles in your Linen cupboards or next to drapes or curtains is a great way to release fragrance gently into the atmosphere.

Simmer fragrant fruits on the stove

Simmering herbs and fruits on the stove is one of my favourite ways to release natural scent in the air. Citrus slices and herbs like lavender or mint are ideal, the steam carries their scent throughout your home. Or, if you’re feeling extra festive, try a mulled wine recipe adding fresh cinnamon sticks for a real christmas treat.

Fill your space with festive scents

Fill your home with a festive aroma, a risk free option if you’re not keen on a naked flame is to try a diffuser. When designing the Spirit of Noel Diffuser set I was inspired by the warmth of a winter's evening huddled around a fireplace. Allow the delicious melody of cinnamon, orange blossom and vanilla to permeate your space, the ultimate Christmas fragrance. I also love to add scented decorations to my tree, dried orange slices are a wonderfully natural and traditional option or perhaps a Ceramic scented bell  or bauble. I like to mist the essential oil infused fragrance all over the bauble, this allows the scent to fill the air every time I walk past my Christmas tree.

I hope my top tips for scenting your home this Christmas will bring some joy and help to transform your space ready for the festive season.

Talk soon, 

Bella x 

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