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How to use Essential oils to cure a hangover

Having a party is always a delight - but sometimes it’s the morning after an evening of indulgence that can sometimes take its toll.

There are so many preventative measures to help you feel great before, during and after your celebrations. I have put together a few very simple natural hacks using essential oils you can try to ensure you don’t feel as bad the next time you have a party or indulge in your favourite cocktail!

Natural ways to cure your hangover fast:

Before the party starts… Drink a lot of water…

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it is super important to drink plenty of water and or milk (can be dairy free) before you consume any alcohol, it actually slows down the absorption rate and will allow your body to cope better.

How to Help prevent your hangover naturally:

Take Vitamin C before you sleep - Before going to sleep try taking at least 1000 milligrams of vitamin C, as a powerful antioxidant it will help support your body's natural defences.

Drink more water - Just like after a wonderful massage; the morning after the night before, drink plenty of water, it will help to flush toxins out of the body. Do not drink coffee, caffeine will make things much, much worse.

My Essential oil remedy for a hangover:

You will need - Lavender essential oil,  and/ Or Lemon essential Oil. 

Sleep is always the best healer but for the ones who have to wake up to get the children ready or rush to work the morning after try this formula to give you that needed stimulation.  Begin by blending 4 drops of Lavender essential oil with 10 drops of Lemon oil - Blend and bottle this.  Now you can either add it as is to your diffuser - if you have a water based diffuser just add 4-6 drops of this essential oil hangover cure and take a few deep breaths as you prepare yourself for the day ahead.  If you have time for a bath - mix 8 drops with 30ml of vegetable oil, swirl in a warm bath, lie back and take a few deep breaths.

If you have the time it’s always great to blend and bottle this remedy, ready for the next emergency.

A simple solution to cure a hangover naturally:

Have a bath - If you don’t have the time to make my hangover  remedy - I find taking a warm bath with our Bath soak a wonder for detoxifying (spend at least 20 minutes in the bath) - the beautiful blend of salts and essential oils will help to draw out the toxins in your body and any unwanted wind too.

Finally throughout the day I will apply our Focus and Centre Pulse oil - it really helps to clear the fog a hangover can sometimes create. Simply roll on your pulse points, whenever you need a boost. Or if you really suffer from headache our Cool and Soothe Pulse oil - is specifically formulated with essential oils to help - the cheerful Orange, mind balancing Grapefruit and calming Rose essential oils.  I find it really helps to lift the bad mood I’m sometimes left with when my head aches after an evening of celebrations! 

I hope you have a wonderful time partying with your loved ones and my hangover remedies help with the morning after!

Talk soon,

Bella x

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