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It's Spring! How to get a streak free window.

 With Spring soon approaching - it is the perfect time to get organised and start giving your home a little refresh.

 How do you do your Spring cleaning? Do you work from top to bottom or tackle a certain room first? My favourite spot to start with is the windows! Below is my step-by-step guide for getting your windows streak free using Natural cleaning products.
Clear & Clean:
The first order of business is to take everything off of the window ledge and remove any dust or loose dirt from the window surface, If anything is out of reach, just use a Large feather duster to hit the top corners. Using our scented vinegar, Start at the top and work your way down in a reverse S-pattern, overlapping each stroke slightly. Avoid using too much cleaner, as this can lead to streaks.
Dry the Window:
After cleaning, immediately dry the window using a clean, dish cloth or a dry microfiber cloth. Work from top to bottom in straight, overlapping strokes. Check for any streaks or spots and touch them up as needed.
Check for Streaks:
Inspect the window from different angles to ensure it's streak-free.If you notice any streaks or spots, use a clean, dish cloth or a dry microfibre cloth to buff them out.
Repeat if Necessary:
If the window still has streaks after drying, repeat the cleaning process.Sometimes, stubborn streaks may require additional cleaning or buffing.
Top tips:
1. Scented Vinegar (the rose garden scent brings a wonderful aroma)
2. Ditch paper towels
3. Minimize suds
4. Buff it
5. Use a microfibre cloth
I hope this helps you and if you have any other tips on how to get a streak free window - please do let me know. Make sure to look out for more cleaning tips throughout the Spring cleaning season.

Talk soon,
B x
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