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10 ways plants help to improve your mental health

Bella with plants

“Plants look after us if we look after them” -anon

I know that for me there’s nothing more therapeutic than when I’m working in my garden or tending to my indoor plants. When the daily grind starts to drag us down, immersing ourselves in nature can be so beneficial for our mental health and I believe that anything that can help with your wellbeing is welcome. 

The colour green is known to create equilibrium between the head and the heart, it is revered for its balancing and harmonising qualities. It is believed to alleviate anxiety, depression and nervousness. 

Surrounding ourselves with nature or becoming plant parents provides a wealth of advantages:

1. Plants promote wellness

planting in garden

Evidence suggests that plants encourage a more positive state of mind, giving us more energy and an augmented sense of happiness. A study carried out by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that plants can lead to lowered blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.

 2. Plants ensure a good nights sleep

Pillow Mist

As well as their soothing and beauty powers, plants can help you gain a peaceful night's sleep. Having plants in your bedroom especially produces more oxygen, creating an optimal climate for a restful slumber. In fact, Lavender is known to promote sleep, rosemary under your pillow can help with memory or for a quick fix our pillow mist derived from the essential oil of the lander plant will help ease you into a deep sleep.

 3. Plants remind us to practice self care

plant life

One of the best things about being a plant parent is the joy of seeing your plants thrive after you’ve cared and nurtured them. My plants often act as a mirror, when I notice my plants aren’t thriving it helps me to check how i’m doing and whether i’m taking care of myself properly. 

 4. Plants can improve air quality

plant shop interior

An extensive study by NASA has shown that plants have the ability to remove air pollutants and are a natural humidifier which helps to fend off nasty colds and illness leaving us feeling healthier and happier.

 5. Plants can increase productivity and creativity

plant life norfolk

Research suggests plants in the workplace or at school can improve attention and increase productivity. Having a natural, green backdrop in your workspace can have a restorative effect and lead to improved creativity.

 6. Plants can promote concentration and memory

Plants especially Rosemary can help you to focus on retaining a specific task related to memory, they can also improve concentration and enhance cognitive skills. This is why many workplaces are introducing real plants in all of their spaces. 

 7. Plants can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

Bella in gardens

A bacterium in plant soil called Mycobacterium vaccae triggers the release of serotonin, lifts mood and reduces anxiety. Interaction with indoor or outdoor plants can alleviate symptoms of depression and calm our nervous system. Filling your space with greenery can be such a healing natural remedy.

 8. Plants help to alleviate stress

plant rescue

Plants are a perfect way to de-stress, just the act of caring for something like a garden or a potted plant can be so therapeutic. It can create a moment of mindfulness in your busy schedule when you remember to water that plant in the corner that’s starting to look a little bedraggled. If your plants are in need of a little rescuing, our natural plant rescue is my absolute saviour.

 9. Plants can improve your mood

Bella in garden

The gorgeous greenery from houseplants can evoke various positive effects on your mood. Seeing greenery can increase your energy levels and give you a more positive outlook and sense of wellbeing. Plants absorb noise which can create a more peaceful atmosphere allowing us to feel calmer and more secure.

 10. Plants help to prevent headaches

Researchers have discovered that gases such as Formaldehyde, which is often found in the production of leather and some carpets, is common in the home which can lead to headaches. Plants can help to remove these toxic chemicals and purify the air. 

I hope you found these ten wellbeing tips helpful and will enjoy nurturing your plants or spending time outdoors.

Talk soon,

Bella x

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