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Refill not landfill


Why Refill?

I’ve had quite a few customers chat to me about how they were keen to lower their impact on the environment and find more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. It's so important to me that as a company we are doing everything we can to help the world we live in not only for ourselves but for our children and future generations.

Refills are now becoming far more popular, we are all recognising how important it is to be consumer conscious and how we can live more sustainably to lower our impact on the environment and reduce waste but also save ourselves money in the process. 

This is why I wanted to make sure refills were available for those choosing to opt for a sustainable alternative.

Yesterday being world refill day, I thought I take this opportunity to explore and explain why refills are so important to me. 

Are refills sustainable?

A great way to live sustainably is to think about how and what we are consuming. It is so easy to get caught up in what has become a throwaway culture. It may be an easier option to live in this way but how do the choices we make impact the world we live in? As an alternative to creating more waste to throw into landfill, refills are a great way to live in a way that is eco conscious, preventing pollution and further damage. 

I often wonder how big of a difference little old me will actually make but I have to remind myself that it really is about the small choices we collectively make every day which will eventually work together to make a much bigger difference.

How will using refills help the planet?

I’m sure all of us are fully aware of David Attenborough’s campaign for nature to be recognised in a fight against climate change and the importance of human beings' impact on the environment. Packaging makes up a huge part of pollution which is why it’s so important to be aware of what your products are made of but also what they’re packaged in. 

Refills allow you to continually use the container from your initial purchase therefore reducing unnecessary plastic waste, recycling plastic is much less effective than you might think. Only 7% of plastic waste is actually successfully recycled or repurposed with the rest going to landfill or worse being dumped into our oceans. This has led me to exploring alternatives, refills seemed to be the ideal solution plus our refills pouches are 100% recyclable.


How can I save money using refills?

Not only are you saving money but you are also saving the environment. Refills are a great way to use less waste but also save those pennies. With the rising cost of living it’s so important that we are getting the most out of our hard earned money. Which is why it is important for me to provide refills for those that wish to make that choice. Like buying in bulk, this is an eco-friendly way to order your products which will last longer and use less waste. It’s a win-win.

This is also the reason why I created Subscribe and Save. When I find a product that I love I will buy it over and over again. With a subscription you get an extra 20% off and it means that you can have your favourite item delivered to you without having to constantly reorder. You keep full control, including swapping out fragrances or products, choosing your own delivery schedule, skipping orders and changing payment schedule if needed. 

I would love to hear if you have any ideas about refills or whether you have any tips on living more sustainably?

Talk soon, 

Bella x

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