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Surprising health benefits of baths


What is it Balneotherapy?

Balneotherapy is an ancient practice that has been enjoyed for centuries, for its well being benefits. Nowadays bathing is usually practiced at spas or if you’re anything like me, it’s a daily indulgence (if I have the time) at home. As early as the 1st century and King Herod's reign humans have been seeking solace in the waters of a hot bath. 

Stemming from the Greek Balneae, Balneotherapy is the belief that hot waters containing naturally occurring minerals can provide wonderfully effective medicinal benefits. Hot springs, public baths and thermal medicine for therapeutic effects have been a central part to human health for very good reason. 

How does it work?

Based on Scientific evidence, Balneotherapy has so many benefits for your mind and body from simply bathing and immersing yourself in mineral rich water. From relieving sore muscles and a whole host of conditions like arthritis to relieving stress.

The interesting thing about balneotherapy compared to hydrotherapy (where only tap water is used) is the fact that the benefits are brought about by the physical properties of natural minerals or mud combined with their chemical and biological composition. In simple terms, natural springs and spas contain minerals already and many spas around the world have adopted this practice by either utilising naturally occurring springs or recreating their own by adding natural minerals.  

The most important part of the therapy is heat, it enhances the benefits by enabling these natural properties to be released slowly, gently alleviating aches and pains. Natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are absorbed into your body during a soak correcting deficiencies and healing ailments.

How to create your own balneotherapy experience?

By adding bath salts and essential oils you can recreate the effects of balneotherapy easily at home. An aromatherapy bath is my ultimate luxury; containing a delightful melody of 84-mineral rich ancient salts including Epsom, Himalayan and Magnesium I designed the bath salts to suit every mood. 

If I'm in need of an extra boost in the morning and I have some extra time I add my energising boost formulation which helps to encourage positive energy, enhance mood and create increased alertness. This carefully curated essential oil blend releases the effects of uplifting grapefruit, white thyme renowned for its courage enhancing and spirit lifting properties and basil oil creates an optimistic atmosphere. 

Or for an indulgent evening time bath try I reach for my Lavender Bath calming remedy rich in soothing magnesium.

Simply add a generous sprinkle of our delicately scented bath soak into a warm bath, lie back and take three deep breaths. Sultry notes of essential oils fill the air, to help you truly relax. I love to immerse myself in a hot bath in the evening before bed to help me sleep.

Although taking a quick trip to a Japanese onsen or to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland may not be realistic, hopefully this has helped inspire you to create your own naturally detoxifying, relaxing and rejuvenating experience at home.

Talk soon,

Bella x

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