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Sea Salt Diffuser Oil Set

Price: £27.00
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Fill your home with the refreshing scent of sea salt.

Our diffuser oil set is as elegant to see as it is pleasant to smell. 

Available with the refreshing scent of salty sea air, tranquil rose garden and calming English lavender. Each set provides six months of wonderful aroma.

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Bella's Tips

Bella Middleton founded Norfolk Natural Living. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband, Hugo and their three young children. Bella's tips come from a combination of a passion for nature and the wisdom passed to her by her mum, Felicity.

Sea Salt is my favourite scent and was a must-have when we first sat down to create this range. 

Perhaps it is the fond memories of walks along the beach with my mum or the joy on my three childrens' faces when we stroll along the clifftops of Old Hunstanton now. 

The perfect oil diffuser should waft a gentle aroma through your room. It should not be overpowering, just ever-present in the background. 

People often ask how long their Diffuser Oil Set will last. A surprising number of things can affect this (air conditioning and the proximity to a frequently opened window are the main ones) but you can expect your diffuser to last 4 - 6 months. 

The reeds included in this set will certainly last that long. After about six months, you might notice that they become overly saturated. In this case, they can be swapped for new reeds.

If your Diffuser Oil Set starts to lose its scent before this, there are a few easy steps to bring it back to life. The first is simply to flip the reeds over. Secondly, you can give the essential oils a quick stir. 

If you have any questions, I will be delighted to help you. Please email me ( and I will get back to you with the answer.