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Wardrobe Sustainability Calculator

With just a few small changes, your wardrobe can help save the planet. Try the easy calculator below for free advice on how your clothes can make the world a better place for everyone.

20 percent of all the water pollution in the world comes from the fashion industry. Not only from the washes and dyes spreading through our rivers and oceans. But also the staggering number of micro-fibres that clog the insides of marine life (and everything that eats them).

So how wasteful is your wardrobe? Fill in the calculator below and find out. 

You will receive helpful advice from sustainability expert (and Norfolk Natural Living founder) Bella Middleton.

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How it works

Our calculator multiplies your answers by the average quantities of water used to create each garment. We also use the number of washes you do per week to calculate the pollution they cause over the space of a year.

You will notice that we only ask about tops and trousers/jeans. That is because it is easier to estimate the environmental impact of these garments than items like dresses or underwear which can vary dramatically in construction. Because of this, your actual numbers might be higher than those produced by the calculator.

We worked hard to make this as accurate as possible using available data and we are continuing to develop this calculator to be even more helpful over time. Remember that the numbers is generates are estimates and should be used as guides only.