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English Lavender Diffuser Oil Set

Price: £27.00

Fill your home with the wonderful scent of English Lavender.

Our diffuser oil set is as elegant to see as it is pleasant to smell. 

Available with the refreshing scent of salty sea air, tranquil rose garden and calming English lavender. Each set provides six months of wonderful aroma.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up my Reed Diffuser?

Don’t worry, setting up your reed diffuser is simple. You just need to pour the essential oils from their bottle into the diffuser vase. Place the reeds in the vase and spread them equally for the best aesthetic affect.

How long does the scent last for?

We use natural essential oils to create the scent in your Reed Diffuser. Their scent will last for months. It is impossible to say exactly how long because there are lots of things which can affect their longevity. For example, if the Reed Diffuser is placed in an area with a breeze, it will release all of its scent quicker. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers also have an affect.

Is the scented oil in my Reed Diffuser harmful to people or the environment?

No. We are proud to be an eco-friendly company. That’s why we use only natural ingredients in all of our products. The oil in your Reed Diffuser is made of a base (which is a natural oil) and a deliciously scented blend of essential oils. There is nothing in there that will be harmful while in the air or if it makes its way into the waterways.

What will delivery cost? And how long does it take?

UK delivery is free for orders over £30 and takes 2 - 3 working days. For orders under £30 it costs £3. International delivery prices and times vary by country. Your delivery costs will be calculated and shown to you before you order.