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Natural Deodorant

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Refreshing, long-lasting natural unisex deodorant. Made with the finest natural ingredients and available in four fresh scents.

Our unique formula is free from aluminium and parabens (which means it won't stain your clothes and is suitable for sensitive skin). It is kind on your skin as well as being sensitive to the environment.

This natural deodorant is vegan friendly and has never been tested on animals. Each roll-on bottle is made with recycled materials.

Bella's Tips

Bella Middleton founded Norfolk Natural Living. She lives in the Norfolk countryside with her husband, Hugo and their three young children. Bella's tips come from a combination of a passion for nature and the wisdom passed to her by her mum, Felicity.

Using natural deodorant is a fantastic way to care for your skin. Unlike typical deodorants and antiperspirants it doesn't contain pore-clogging aluminium and potentially harmful parabens.

You don't need to apply as much of this deodorant as you do with the one you currently use. Just a few 'swipes' will last all day. Not only will its natural ingredients help to neutralise odours, it also contains moisturising ingredients that nourish and refresh your underarms.

It is worth mentioning that our deodorant is completely paraben free. Parabens are artificial chemicals that were created in the 1950s to be preservatives. That means they keep things fresh for longer in bottles. They are very good at doing that. But they also absorb into you body (and even the bodies of fish once products are washed into the waterways) and there is some concern around their safety. We use a completely harmless alternative in our natural formula.

If you currently use antiperspirant, your pores are clogged with tiny rubber-like plugs. These are made of aluminium. That's the reason you don't sweat when you use antiperspirant, it literally congests your pores and locks all the toxins and sweat inside. When you switch to a natural product, your skin will enjoy a much-needed detox. 

If you have read about the so-called 'deodorant-detox' that happens when you switch away from artificial deodorants and antiperspirants, you might be a little bit concerned. Luckily, you really don't need to be. Whilst it's true that your skin will detox about a week after you stop using antiperspirant (I'll explain that in a bit more detail below), our deodorant contains powerful natural antimicrobials which fight against the odour-causing bacteria that can build up in your armpits. 

About a week after you stop using antiperspirant, the built up aluminium that has been plugging your skin will start to clear and the deodorant-detox will begin. This sounds quite dramatic but it basically just means that you will sweat a bit more than normal for about a week. 

Don't let that put you off! The potential benefits are enormous and I've put together my three top tips for making it through the week with your dignity intact. Trust me, if you follow this advice it's unlikely that anybody will notice (unless you tell them). 

1. Exfoliate.

Your antiperspirant works by plugging your pores with aluminium. When they’re plugged, they can’t sweat. That’s how you stay dry.

Once you stop topping up this artificial barrier, your body will go through a short detox. Speed up the process by exfoliating your armpits in the shower. It will unclog your pores and help all the toxins leave as quickly as possible so you can wash them away.

2. Cut down on coffee.

Coffee gets most of us through the day. But if you are detoxing from antiperspirants, it’s a good excuse to cut back on your caffeine intake.

Caffeine makes everything in your body run a bit faster and a bit hotter. That’s how those thermogenic diet pills work. Faster + hotter = sweatier. Not great if you’re already sweating a bit more than normal. Don’t worry, this will only last for a week or so.

3. Wear light and loose clothing.

Light, loose clothing is more breathable than tighter, thicker materials.

Because body odour is actually caused by the bacteria that breeds in your damp armpits (yuk!), keeping things breezy around there helps to avoid providing the kind of environment that the bad bacteria needs to grow.

If you follow those three easy tips (ok, the coffee one might be a bit tougher than the others!) then you will make it through the detox phase without a stress.

One last mention to those with sensitive skin. I know from personal experience that changing any product you currently use against your skin can be a big concern. Nobody wants a breakout! We've formulated this deodorant to be really gentle. There aren't any ingredients in there that should worry you. Of course, you know your skin best so it's always worth reading through the ingredients. If you have any questions, you can always email

We use completely recyclable materials in our packaging. That includes the bottles and jars that our products are housed in. Please take care to wash them out and re-use/recycle them after use.

If you have any questions, I will be delighted to help you. Please email me ( and I will get back to you with the answer.

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