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How to prep your home for a party

party prep

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on the horizon and the extended bank holiday we are all eagerly waiting for, I'm sure many of you have already started your preparations and have plans in motion for your festivities. I’m absolutely thrilled that calendars are once again filling up and parties are back in full swing. I’m hosting a Jubilee celebration for friends and family and whilst organising I have realised the key to effectively preparing my home for a party is cleaning and decluttering all the vital areas.  


It might seem that the list is never ending and there is always extra cleaning to be done or another job to add to the list. To ensure guests feel welcome and comfortable I’ve put together a how-to, to help you to arrange your party with ease.


How to organise your house ready for a party


  • Who else loves a list? Walk through your home and make a quick list of all the things you need to do, bathrooms, hallway, living room and kitchen are essential areas that will require extra attention. You will also need a room or area for guests to put their bags and coats. First impressions are paramount so ensure the entry to your home is looking lovely removing any trip hazards like shoes or dog toys!


How to clean your house for a party


  • Start by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering, I usually enlist a family member and ensure that I have removed anything from the room that doesn’t need to be there for the party. Then to begin cleaning - I’ll use my Coastal Walks multi surface spray, it freshens up countertops, floors and surfaces with this all in one wonder spray.  I’ll then use our Rose Garden Bathroom Cleaner and Loo cleaner to ensure my bathroom is smelling fresh and homely.


How to scent your house for a party


  • Consider a room spray, reed diffuser or candle to create an aroma your guests will enjoy and an atmosphere they won’t forget. Researchers have found that scent plays a more important part in whether people have a good time than previously thought. However if I’m hosting a party with children I don’t use candles - incase of accidents - instead I find a few spritzes of room spray elevates your space and your mood and then a diffuser (out of reach) will leave a beautiful long lasting aroma.


Number 1 house party cleaning hack


  • Spills and stains: You are bound to have spillages if you are inviting guests who will be consuming food and drink; it’s inevitable. Have a small box filled with cleaning products you can easily grab whilst at the party for any accidents. 


Easy touches that make a party


  • Add Flowers: flowers add life and beauty to any room - there is something so life affirming about blooms in a room.  But do remember to buy them at least three days before your party - so they have time to open - and then use a pinch of our cut flower food to ensure your flowers are looking at their best pre and post party. 


How to relax before a party


  • Social anxiety before a party - although I love a party and seeing my friends, sometimes I can find I can get a little anxious before everyone arrives - I always use a little of my Calm and Meditate Pulse oil, I find if I roll a little on my pulse points, and take a few deep breaths about half an hour before the party starts, it instantly calms my mind, so I can look forward to seeing my friends and family.

Cleaning products

Once your home has been prepared effectively you can sit back and enjoy your party relaxing in the knowledge that your guests will feel comfortable and welcomed in your home.


I would love to hear if you found these tips useful and whether you have any upcoming party plans! 


Bella x



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