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How to Clean & Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

Multi-surface sprayHow to Organise your Pantry:

With Spring finally here - it is the perfect time to get organised and give your home a little refresh

How do you do your Spring cleaning? Do you work from top to bottom or tackle a certain room first? My favourite spot to start with is in the Kitchen - specifically the Kitchen cupboards (since it's a daily hotspot for most homes). Below is my step-by-step guide for getting your pantry set for the new season.

Clear & Clean:

The first order of business is to take everything off of your shelves. Whether you have a smaller cabinet or a walk-in panty, it's important to spread the contents before you, which ensures you'll get a full look at what you're working with and what is worth keeping or getting rid of.

Then, once everything is out of your pantry, you can begin to clean it. I wipe down all surfaces with my multi surface cleaner - a few sprays is all you need, cleansing them gently without leaving streaks. 

If anything is out of reach, just use a large feather duster to hit the top corners and shelves.

I like to do this every few months or so. Every season will help you keep crumbs, spills, and any drips from your honey jar in check.

Replace & Reshuffle: 

There are a few ways to decide where each item goes when you get them back in the pantry. I recommend putting your most used snacks and foods like cereal to be the most accessible, with lesser-used items placed on higher or lower shelves. 

You might also try to put bigger and taller boxes near the back which may still be visible even if they’re behind other items. As you make your way through the items, double check for expiration dates too. 

Scent the space:

Once you have got your desired set up and the pantry is completed - I like to mist the space with some fragrance, Nothing too overpowering, just a light scent that fills the air each time you walk past. 

Whether it’s a diffuser or a room spray, you can swap out the scent every season too. My current favourite is Spring 91 - a light, crisp scent perfect for this time of year.

I hope this helps you and if you have any other tips on how to clean your pantry - please do let me know. Make sure to look out for more cleaning tips throughout the Spring cleaning season.

Talk soon,

B x

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