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How to properly clean Marble?

marble cleaner

Marble, a metamorphosis of limestone or dolomite is a material of wonder and beauty. My sister-in-law has just purchased an antique Marble table top which she has turned into the most beautiful centerpiece of her dining room. However, having never had anything marble in her home she asked me how to care for it properly. I gave her our marble cleaner to try and with that I thought it might be time to write a simple how to for anyone else wanting to know how to properly clean marble. 

Marble really does enhance a room and because of its long-lasting qualities it’s a great option for covering floors, showers and countertops etc. However Marble being a natural stone is actually very porous compared to other common countertop materials like quartz which can make it unique when it comes to keeping it clean.


What to clean marble with?


Caring for this gorgeous material is actually easier than you might think. Using the right tools for the task is the first step to making sure your marble is looking its best. Accidentally etching the surface or removing the polish is common when you use the wrong tools for the task. The most important thing is using a non abrasive, mild pH-neutral soap.


What is safe to use on marble?


Generally speaking you don’t want to use too much elbow grease, the wrong cleanser or cloth as you want to avoid any scratching. Avoid any acidic cleaners, even a slice of lemon can eat into marble within seconds. Our Marble cleaner gently cleanses marble countertops without dulling the natural finish. Using modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients, sticky fingerprints on your kitchen counter are soon dealt with. Just spray a small amount of our specialist cleaning solution and wipe clean for a streak free finish.


How to clean marble?


Clean up any stains or spills immediately with a marble cleaner. It’s best to blot instead of wipe spillages, Alcohol and citrus drinks are the worst so try to keep these away from your marble. Wipe away spillages (even water) with a dry soft cloth to avoid a film forming. Coasters and Trivets are a great way to avoid damage to your countertops. Prevention is a large part of keeping marble clean, sealing your marble every couple of months will help in resisting stains.


I hope this has helped you with how to clean your marble properly. Do let me know if you have any other tips and tricks for cleaning marble effectively.


Speak soon,


Bella x

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