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How to soothe a sore throat

 Throat remedy

As the seasons start to change and the temperature drops it can sometimes cause us to feel slightly under the weather. Sore throats especially can become bothersome as the cold air can dry out the throat and cause irritation. 

There are many causes of a sore throat, they can range from the mild and tickly to the all consuming and highly unpleasant, unable to swallow type. The most common is the cold virus or a throat infection caused by bacteria or a change in weather. I wanted to share with you my top natural sore throat soothers which always keep mine and my family's sore throats at bay. 

Easy remedies for a sore throat

An immediate home remedy for a sore throat is to gargle with salt water, simple yet effective this is always my first port of call. Try to use a pure salt like Pink Himalayan or natural sea salt. 


Dissolve half a teaspoon in hot water and wait for it to cool before gargling. Salt is a powerful natural antiseptic and will alleviate discomfort.

Another great remedy to reduce soreness is to make a warming drink by adding two drops of lemon essential oil and one drop of lavender essential oil to a dessert spoon of honey and mix with boiled rosewater.

Essential oil steam inhalation

I always make sure I'm stocked up on my essential oils during the winter months, the following oils are packed with antimicrobial and antiviral properties and are ideal for healing and preventing sore throats:



Add the following oils to your diffuser and allow the steam to permeate the room or add to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head and gently inhale the steam.

Three drops of Lavender essential oil

One drop of Thyme essential oil (avoid Thyme during pregnancy) 

Two drops of Chamomile essential oil

Soothing syrup for the throat

It’s so important to keep hydrated to alleviate your sore throat, add honey to speed up the healing process. When I have the time I make a soothing syrup, simple to make and reminiscent of Elizabethan times. These age-old remedies are timeless and effective. 


Flowers or herbs to fill a pint jar

1 Kg Sugar

3 Drops of essential Oil (Rose is amazing for a sore throat)

600ml water 

Add your freshly picked flowers to water and boil, simmer for 10 mins then cool for 10 mins, strain and top up the water to reach 600ml. Heat the sugar and water together to create the syrup, add the essential oils and a few more flowers for effect. Pour into jars to store.

I do hope these natural remedies help to heal and soothe your sore throat. Please always see a specialist if you’re finding it hard to swallow, have a high fever or if a severe sore throat does not clear up within three to four days. 

Talk soon,

Bella x

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