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How to clean your washing machine naturally

Bella washing machine

If you’re anything like me I love the smell and feeling of freshly washed laundry, my washing machine is a necessity. However, over time and with constant use, our washing machines can start to get dirty; which is why it’s important to give your washing machine a refresh once in a while without using harsh chemicals that will cause damage to the environment or ourselves. 

Why you should avoid chemical washing machine cleaners

Most washing machine cleaners are actually toxic, often containing phosphates, artificial fillers and chloride to name just a few nasty chemicals. Your washing machine may end up looking shiny and new but these chemicals are damaging our waterways, aquatic life and ourselves! Bleach and ammonia are especially harmful for human health but there are alternative options that are natural, safe and just as effective. 

How to clean your washing machine naturally with vinegar

A perfect natural alternative to a chemical cleaner is vinegar. The acidic nature of vinegar is so powerful that it can cut through mineral deposits, grease and grime it also has antifungal properties making it a brilliant disinfectant. Our scented vinegar cleaning spray is my wonder product. It was one of the first products I developed as I love how easy it is to clean with vinegar, but I didn't like the smell. Our scented vinegar is fragranced with either the sweet scent of a Rose garden or relaxing scent of Lavender Fields, perfect for sprucing up windows or mirrors, useful for stain removal- a quick spritz and brush and the stain is gone and ideal for your washing machine.

Tips for keeping your washing machine well cared for

Vinegar is so useful, you can add it to your washing machine, 4 cups would suffice and then run on its hottest and highest cycle. Once it has filled up, pause your machine and let the water and vinegar combination sit for around an hour. I also use my spray to spritz around the inside of the washer drum, around the rubber gaskets and the door and front of the machine with a microfibre cloth. Another great tip is to leave the door ajar to prevent mildew from forming, I try to do this every time I run a load. Also, try not to overload your machine, it can cause it to wear down quicker and won’t be as efficient when cleaning your laundry.

My tried and tested (not so secret) tip is to add a little vinegar to your fabric softener dispenser every time you wash. This will keep your machine sparkling and help to soften your clothes beautifully. I hope this helps, please do let me know if you have any other suggestions for cleaning your washing machine safely and naturally.

Talk soon,

Bella x



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