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Reed Diffusers and how to enhance their scent


Reed diffusers are a great way to enhance any room and are a perfect alternative to candles in the summer months. Unlike candles reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat, they disperse scent into the air naturally. Here are my three essentials for enhancing your reed diffuser scent.


1.Make sure to flip your reeds every week

The more you flip your reeds the quicker your oil will evaporate, once a week is the optimal amount to enhance the effects of your reed diffuser and enough time for your chosen scent to fill the air before needing to be refreshed. If entertaining make sure to flip the reeds just before your guests arrive to ensure a beautifully scented room.

2.Keep your reed diffuser out of sunlight

Placing your reed diffuser in direct sunlight will cause the oil in the diffuser to evaporate. Whilst reed diffusers are fairly low maintenance it’s important to think about where you are positioning them. They are best if placed on higher surfaces, I like to keep my Coastal reed diffuser at nose height and near a doorway or in the hallway. Locating your reed diffuser near a flow of traffic will help to circulate the scent and is a welcome treat for anyone entering. 

3.Give your vessel a swirl

If you start to notice the scent is waning, try picking up your vessel and give it a gentle swirl. This will help to bring out the scent in your oil by making sure the scent and oil have not separated whilst sitting for long periods of time in your diffuser. If you have swirled and are still having issues try replacing the reeds as sometimes these can get clogged.


I hope these three essential tips for optimal use will help to maximise your reed diffusers longevity and output, helping you to make the most out of your reed diffuser. Instead of buying a new reed diffuser every time it runs out you can try our refill diffuser oil or alternatively the reed diffuser bottle makes a lovely vase or vessel for storing trinkets and treasures from the beach.

Talk soon,

Bella x 

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