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How to use Garment Refresher


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How to use Garment Refresher?
Cleaning Upholstery
Refresh your bed linen
Rejuvenate upholstery in your car
Freshen up your clothes and handbag

I get asked a lot about our Garment Refresher, why we made it, how you can use it and why it’s one of our utility room staples. So I felt it was high time we dedicated a how to for this little wonder spray. 

These are just my recommended ideas and how I use them in my home, but I’d love to hear yours if I’ve missed anything.  Just drop us a message on our instagram page. You might even feature on our shop notice board along with our favourite cleaning and household hacks.

How to use Garment Refresher?

Our Garment Refresher is a revitalising spritz of the Norfolk countryside. It’s an exacting but simple recipe of distilled water, witch hazel and your choice of Norfolk Natural Living’s signature natural scents: invigorating sea salt or soothing lavender.

The magic ingredient here is the witch hazel. It has potent antibacterial properties which make it perfect for eradicating odours in the air and on fabrics or upholstery. It’s a natural, medicinal liquid that’s plant based (derived from the witch hazel shrub), so I’m happy to use it around my children and my pets. It’s also a great natural insect repellent.

I intended it to be used as a way to quickly and conveniently revive your clothes between washes, or for materials like tweed that I wouldn’t necessarily launder.  It’s my wonder spray - in fact I have bottles hidden all over the house - in the sitting room - use it for curtains, especially my really heavy lined and interlined ones, in the bedroom - so I can spritz my bed linen and refresh it in the morning and in my wardrobe - for the clothes that don’t need a deep clean - but might do with a little refreshing.  I’ve listed a few of my favourite other uses below:

My favourite uses:

Cleaning upholstery

Misting it over the sofa, my cushions and curtains, the garment refresher is a great way to keep any odours at bay. And on those days when I’ve not had time to clean much, it makes the house just seem so much cleaner and more pleasant. I designed it specifically to be chemical-free so that it could be used around animals and children in this way, so you can spritz away guilt free. I have such an eclectic mixture of furniture- from second-hand pieces that we bought to ‘make do’ when we rented our first flat together that I simply can’t part with and some other items that have been handed down or gifted to us from relatives.  This is why I always make sure to do a patch test beforehand to ensure the best outcome especially if you have a variety of different fabrics in your home.

Refresh your bed linen

I like to use our Garment Refresher to rejuvenate the bed sheets a little between washes. It keeps them feeling and smelling nice and helps that ‘just changed the sheets’ feeling for longer. I tend to use the Coastal walks- it’s my favourite and it’s the same scent that I launder the sheets in. It makes me feel like I’m staying in a hotel with dreamy fresh sheets every day. Sadly you’ll have to provide your own dainty chocolate for your pillow. It’s perfect for if you have guests.

Rejuvenate upholstery in your car

Like most parents, our car isn’t really our own anymore.  It’s not always the most welcoming space, especially with my son's muddy footprints on the dashboard.  So when I do get the chance to clear it out and give it a good tidy, I like to finish with a good spritz of Garment Refresher. Because the scent is so subtle, it’s not too overpowering to use in small spaces such as a car. I spray all over the seats and upholstery after hoovering to ensure a lovely smell when we embark on our next trip.

Freshen up your clothes and handbag


This is so handy to have in my handbag (well out of reach of my youngest of course), for after the gym to freshen up my gym bag or to add a spritz to my baby changing bag. I choose lavender for this purpose, for a soothing feel, made with essential oils which work to not only eradicate odour but lift your mood at the same time . 

I would really love to hear any other uses for Garment Refresher that I may not have thought of, so please do get in touch via our instagram page and share your favourite tips and tricks.

Bella x

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