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How to sleep better naturally



6 Sleep tips-Quick jump:
Create a better sleep environment
Unwind and clear your mind
Sleep meditation and relaxation
You are what you consume
Build an exercise routine that works for you
Things to help you sleep

You were never destined to be sleep deprived. This is why I've collated my top sleep secrets to help clean up your sleep hygiene, from how to create the best sleep environment to how to fall asleep naturally.

How can I get a great night’s sleep naturally?

I absolutely love my sleep, it is a natural healer and often the best remedy. However, so many factors can disrupt and destroy our sleep hygiene, from family responsibilities to work stress or the general weight of the world. I know that when I’m having trouble sleeping it can leave me feeling defeated, not to mention a loss of creativity, vitality, productivity and balance. 


As an aromatherapist I have spent a lot of time working with the benefits of natural remedies, this is why it was vital for me to share the knowledge that has aided me in life. 


Essential oils are so powerful; Lavender oil and Mandarin oil especially with their balancing qualities are deeply calming and emotionally comforting - perfect for a sleep inducing aid. By sharing my six sleep secrets I know you will find something that works for you too, benefiting your overall health, mood and wellbeing.

Create a better sleep environment

Creating the ideal sleep environment to ensure optimal rest is so important. Ideally a room that is quiet, dark and cool, soothing all of your senses.  

A spritz of mood mist can elevate your space and lift your spirits or I’ll often add a few drops to my gemstone diffuser which I designed to couple the therapeutic energy of gemstones with the beautiful aromatherapy benefits of diffuser oils. Create a relaxing atmosphere tailored to you to promote better sleep. 


Make sure your bed is comfortable and your bedroom is reserved for sleeping and relaxing only. I also avoid the use of phones or any light emitting screens opting instead for curling up and delving into a good book. As a final indulgence just before bed, I gently spray the Pillow Mist at an arm's length, then lie back and take three slow, deep breaths and allow the aroma to envelop my senses.


Upon discovering the wondrous effects of Lavender oil distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, I’ve had a much easier time slipping into a restful slumber naturally. Known for its mood enhancing, rest inducing and soothing qualities Lavender has been used for centuries in herbal medicine; used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming and warding off infections, it was also recognised in Roman times for its healing and antiseptic qualities.  More recently in a medical review, controlled studies found that inhaled lavender improved sleep and even neurological disorders.


Falling asleep or getting back to sleep when I wake in the night is often my nemesis. To combat this, I stow my pillow mist under my pillow so I can find it easily in the dark. I find it quite miraculous how a couple of sprays and I’m sent back off to sleep.

Unwind and clear your mind

My night time routine has become such an important part of my day. I make sure I include soothing activities before bedtime, for me a relaxing bath is my chosen remedy. Adding a few drops of Bath Oil under a warm running tap, taking a moment to pause and sink into a deep sense of calm tranquillity. Or perhaps you prefer stepping into a steam filled shower, I often use our shower mist formulated with lavender combined with orange oil, it can disperse negative thoughts in a moment.

Afterwards I always light a scented candle. The flickering flame and golden hue of a candle creates the ideal ambiance to fully unwind. Synergistically blended with essential oils including Lavender oil, the Deepest sleep Aromatherapy Candle is specifically designed to help encourage sleep and is my go-to for when my mind is racing, perfect to calm the nervous system and relax your body.

Sleep meditation and relaxation

After a busy day I find my sleep ritual really helps me to drift off to sleep. Perhaps you have a favourite relaxation technique like sleep meditation or bedtime yoga to ease anxiety and honour your body before sleeping. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting cross legged chanting for hours on end, it can simply be a 5 minute focused breathing exercise whilst in the shower or doing your laundry.

If nothing else, the most important of all is creating a healthy sleep-wake schedule. Your circadian rhythm is what helps control your daily sleep schedule, aim to wake up and go to sleep at roughly the same time every day. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will help to achieve this important component of your body.

For extra pampering and therapeutic benefits whilst practising my chosen sleep ritual, I fill the bowl of my oil burner with water and add between 3-10 drops of the sleep inducing diffuser oil to fill my space with an everlasting dreamy aroma. Maybe you have a loved one who you know is struggling. I recently gifted our restoring sleep set to a good friend of mine who was feeling sleep deprived and dispirited.  To help calm a busy mind ready for a delicious night's sleep, it is particularly good for those who toss and turn - the orange essential oil is known to help dissipate unwanted thoughts - especially negative ones. 

You are what you consume

Being mindful and aware of what we are consuming is key to feeling good.

I try to make sure what I’m putting into my body is fuelling it effectively but it took me a while to realise that what I use on my body is just as important for my mental, physical and emotional health. This is why it’s so important to me that everything I use is nourishing, natural, free from parabens and nasty chemicals. 

I'm a firm believer in natural remedies and when I'm feeling fed up and stressed a soothing massage is exactly what I need. Our massage oil has been a perfect addition for when I'm in need of that extra comfort. Naturally nourishing on the skin and designed to help relax your muscles using 100% pure essential oils, the Deepest Sleep blend will aid a deeper night’s sleep and help release built up tension in the body. 

Simply warm the oil between your fingers and treat your skin at the same time. Foot massages in particular can improve physiological as well as physical health by transporting oxygen to the body’s cells and improving circulation. After a self massage and some self love, I always wake up refreshed and in high spirits, ready for the day ahead.

Build an exercise routine that works for you

For deep restorative sleep, exercise is key. Vigorous exercise early in the morning or earlier in the day has been proven to be highly beneficial, it can block pain and increase pleasure by releasing those feel good neurotransmitters such as endorphins and endocannabinoids. This is what’s responsible for that feeling of calm euphoria after a workout.


I know I've had a good workout when I've worked up a good sweat! I created our unisex natural deodorant, free from aluminium and parabens giving you peace of mind about what you are using on your body. Make sure not to exercise too close to bedtime as it can interfere with your sleep, however gentle relaxing exercise like yoga or pilates can actually promote a deeper sleep. 


Whilst I’d love to be able to practice Yoga every day as a mother of three young children this is often not the case! If I'm short on time in the evening, I’ll simply roll on my Deepest Sleep Pulse point oil take a deep breath in and let the power of the Lavender and orange oil lull me into a calmer state of mind before slipping into bed and listening to a sleep meditation.  Try to focus on creating an exercise and mindfulness habit that sticks as it can take up to six months to feel the full impact on your sleep pattern.  

Things to help you sleep

Make sure to shelve your worries for the next day, I will often make a note or jot down a to- do list before bedtime. Emptying my thoughts onto paper helps to clear my busy mind. I’ve also found that if I manage to get outside at least once a day, whether that’s tending to my garden or taking my dog for a walk it reduces my inability to sleep significantly.


Inspired by the respite I've found by spending time in my garden, the Gardeners hand lotion was formulated to be beautifully aromatic and rich in botanical extracts, the subtle fragrance lifts your spirits and your senses with its fresh aroma. Getting out into nature is so therapeutic. 


I hope by sharing my sleep secrets, they will help you and give you the restful and rejuvenating nights sleep that you deserve!

Bella x


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