Natural Laundry Products

Natural Laundry Detergent

Natural Laundry Detergent (500ml)

Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener (500ml)

Wool & Silk Wash

Wool & Silk Wash (500ml)

Denim Wash

Denim Wash (500ml)

The Workers Club Denim Wash

The Workers Club Denim Wash

Sportswear Wash

Sportswear Wash (500ml)

Sports Refresher

Sports Refresher (300ml)

Linen Mist

Linen Mist (300ml)

Denim Refresher

Denim Refresher (300ml)

Garment Refresher

Garment Refresher (300ml)

8 Cedar Balls

8 Cedar Balls

12 Wooden Clothes Pegs

12 Wooden Clothes Pegs


Natural Laundry Products

Protect and cleanse your clothes with our natural, eco-friendly laundry products. Made with carefully selected botanical ingredients to remove stains and odour whilst preserving the shape and colour of your favourite garments.

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Make your clothes last longer

100% Natural Ingredients

We carefully select every ingredient in all of our natural laundry products. They are non-toxic and free from chlorine and bleach.

What do you mean by natural laundry products?

For us, the word natural doesn't only mean that we don't use artificial ingredients (we don't, by the way). It's about combining simplicity, effectiveness and environmental credentials.

When you look at the ingredients on your current laundry detergent - if you can even find them - you will see a long list of some nasty looking chemicals. Our laundry detergent only contains five ingredients.

That simplicity means that we can select the finest natural ingredients available and use them in perfectly balanced quantities that maximise their effectiveness. Nothing gets lost in the mixture or diluted down. Just fabulous natural goodness and nothing else.

Are your laundry products better for the environment?

In a word, yes.

Not just because there is nothing toxic or harmful in the bottle that you buy, but our entire process is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We make our natural laundry products by hand in our small workshop in Holt. There isn't a big factory chugging fumes out into the air. Just a lady called Steph with a wooden spoon and a big metal basin.

We don't use bleach, chlorine or sulphates in our recipes. Not only are they dangerous things to have around the house (they have been linked to all sorts of things, from headaches to chemical burns) but those three ingredients are difficult to clean from waste water once it goes down the drain. That means that water purification centres use huge amounts of energy trying to clean them from water and stop them from damaging huge areas of wildlife. By not using them, we are doing our bit to protect the planet.

We encourage you to use our Garment Refresher spray between washes to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh for longer. Increasing the amount of time between washes not only keeps your clothes from losing their shape and colour, it is also good for the environment because you use less energy and produce less waste.

Can your laundry products be used for hand washing clothes?

All of our detergents can be used when washing clothes by hand.

They are formulated specially to be just as effective at low temperatures as they are at high temperatures.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to wash your clothes by hand rather than in the washing machine. Obviously, there is the environmental impact of using less energy. Also, it can help to protect delicate garments which might lose their shape or be damaged in otherwise during a washing machine cycle.

What is denim wash? Why is it different?

Denim is a very different material to the rest of your wardrobe.

To keep it looking its best for as long as possible, it is important to use the right kind of detergent. Most commonly, denim fades very quickly when used with traditional laundry detergents.

Our denim wash has been specifically formulated to avoid fading the dye in your denim, as well as not softening it too much.

Remember, never use fabric softener with your denim garments!

I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

All of our products have been developed to be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Remember that all skin is different so if you are prone to reactions, please consider using a products once and waiting for a few days to see if a reaction occurs.

The ingredients of all of our products are listen on their pages on this website, as well as on the label for each bottle.

Can your bottles be recycled?

Yes, they can! And we really hope that all of our customers re-use their bottles as much as possible and then recycle them.

This is a question we get asked a lot. Usually followed by 'why do you use plastic?'. That is a fair question and we will go into it in some detail here.

When Bella first had the idea for Norfolk Natural Living, her plan was to use other materials for the bottles. We tried waterproof card and glass but neither of them were suitable.

Cardboard cartons presented two issues. The first was that they tended to burst in the post. We sent ourselves some test parcels and they came back very soggy! You can avoid this using excessive amounts of bubble wrap. Which can't be added to your household recycling bin. So that would have generated a lot of landfill waste.

Glass bottles are both heavy and breakable. The weight would have meant a big increase in the cost you paid for postage, as well as using more fuel in the delivery process. The breakability would have led to huge amounts of wastage.

In the end, we turned to some very clever plastic experts for help. After a lot of discussion, the suggested that we use PET plastic. PET is the most recycled plastic in the world. That means that are bottles are already made of recycled plastic and will be easily recycled again when you dispose of them. It is also lightweight and strong. The best solution to our eco packaging problem.

Can I get a refill of your products?

We offer refills in our shop in Holt, Norfolk. This is great if you live in the area. Not so great if you happen to live in Edinburgh.

As you read this, we are hard at work trying some ideas and speaking to experts. Delivering refills in the post is often worse for the environment than just sending you a new bottle. If you read the answer above about recycling our bottles, you will see why we can't send you replacements in a plastic pouch.

We spoke to some logistics companies who said that it would be more harmful for you to send us back your bottles, us refill them and then post them back to you. So that idea went out of the window quite quickly.

Eventually, we will come up with a sustainable solution. Until then, it is much better for us to send you a replacement bottle and you recycle the one you already have.